How to Change the Default Netgear Password?

Experts always suggest changing the default password you are using for the Netgear routers. That is because changing the default password can secure your network from any kind of unwanted and unsecure access. Here is the process you need to follow if you want to change the default password for your Netgear router.

Step 1: First of all open the web browser and fill the web address and press the enter key.

Step 2: After pressing the enter key, you will need to fill the login details for the Netgear router login. If you are trying to login the router for the first time the default login details will be as given below,

User Name: admin

Password: password

If you are not capable to access the login page even after filling the login details, make a call at our toll free number and talk to our experts so they can guide you more professionally to deal with the issues.

Step 3: Go to the “Advance” option and go for the “Administrator” settings.

Step 4: After that go for the “Password” option.

Step 5: Here you find three different options, first you have to fill the old password and then you will need to fill the new password for two times. Make sure to write-down new password somewhere so any time you forget that password, you will have backup from where you can retrieve the password.

Step 6: At the end you will need to “save” the settings.